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What’s Happening? The Latest CBD News Headlines

Here at Premium CBD, we are dedicated to transparent CBD information. Our goal is to empower CBD users from all walks of life through education. We want to help you keep up with the latest CBD news headlines. So, we’ve rounded up the most interesting recent stories and put them in one place. 

Let’s dive straight into the CBD news!

Researchers find CBD may help combat deadly COVID-19 symptom

First, there is some interesting news for CBD and COVID-19. While research is still in the primary stages and more clinical trials need to take place, there is some promising evidence that CBD may play a role in coronavirus recovery. 

Researchers from the Dental College of Georgia and Medical College of Georgia have found evidence that CBD may help patients combat respiratory distress. They believe it may prevent some patients from needing ventilation or even prevent death from acute respiratory distress syndrome. 

According to their laboratory studies, pure CBD may help lungs recover from cytokine storms (overwhelming inflammation) in the lungs. They believe that CBD may help to restore healthy oxygen levels as well. 

While more definitive research is necessary, the potential use of CBD for coronavirus has picked up a lot of attention in recent times. We will have to wait and see. 

Dangerous levels of lead found in Florida CBD 

Florida CBD is extremely popular, coming in as one of the top-selling states in the nation. You may have noticed how often CBD news headlines in Florida appear. Unfortunately, not all of the products in the state are accurately tested for purity and potency. 

Recently, Summitt Labs issued a voluntary recall for KORE ORGANIC Watermelon CBD oil recently. The reason? Dangerous levels of lead. 

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services recently tested a random sample of KORE ORGANIC Watermelon CBD oil. They found their sample to contain lead at 4.47 ppm.

The laboratory states that they tested another sample from the same batch and found lead levels at 0.5 ppm, which fell within Florida’s legal limits. Still, they volunteered to remove the batch from the market because of the results from the other test. 

Good CBD News Headlines: Enforcement Policy draft is submitted to the White House 

The FDA submitted a CBD Enforcement Policy draft to the White House on July 22nd. This is exciting for many as it means we are one step closer to industry guidance for CBD. Currently, the industry lacks unified CBD guidance which has led to a large range in quality. 

The FDA submitted the draft to the White House Office of Management and Budget, or the OMB, for approval. 

In a statement about the draft, the FDA said that the agency is committed to supporting the development of these new drugs through the investigational new drug, drug review and drug approval processes – and one key element of this support involves development of guidance, like this one.”

Therefore, if all goes well, we should have industry guidance in the near future. 

Final thoughts on the latest CBD news 

There’s something new brewing up with CBD every day. It can be difficult to keep up. We hope our monthly roundups help you to stay on top of the most important stories without overwhelming yourself with CBD news. 

The recent stories are promising for the industry. The Premium CBD database exists to empower CBD consumers to choose pure and potent products. Products should always go through rigorous CBD testing to ensure there are no impurities, including lead and other contaminants. 

Check back for more CBD news along with plenty of educational content. Our CBD database is in the works and will make shopping for CBD much easier. Stay tuned!

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