CBD Updates: The Latest News Roundup

Staying up to date with CBD updates and news can be difficult given how ever-changing this industry is. It’s why we’ve rounded up the biggest headlines as of late to bring you the most important CBD updates. 

Read on to see some highlights from the latest happenings in the CBD industry: 

Watch out for…sticks…in CBD? 

In late July 2021, Florida agriculture authorities issued a warning that some CBD products from Oregon were showing up with rocks, sticks, and higher-than-listed levels of THC. 

They also mentioned that some Oregon hemp products were displaying false or tampered with certificates of analysis. While no products were specifically named, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services stated that they received several complaints from consumers of Oregon hemp products. 

Premium CBD’s note: We have yet to see much of an update regarding this situation. However, we think this is just another example of how important it is to have a regulated industry. The unregulated market is what makes foreign objects, false THC levels, and fake COA’s possible. 

It also highlights the importance of our mission. We verify everything listed in our CBD database to prevent situations like this from ever occurring. 

CBD brands expected to grow their female-focused categories

Expect to see more and more female-focused CBD products emerge as the industry grows further. Considering women make up nearly two-thirds of all U.S. CBD users, it’s no surprise that female-focused products are expected to expand. 

Reports detailing the rise in female-centric CBD products show that this trend is likely to continue as the compound becomes more popular across the country and globe. 

Premium CBD’s note: We love this! As a woman-run CBD company ourselves, we are happy to see more of these products enter the market. We’ll be here to verify their purity and potency so you don’t have to! 

CBD products expected to reach $218 billion by 2028

The overall market for CBD products is expected to grow to $218 billion in just the next seven years. Naturally, the major factor in its growing popularity is the numerous potential healing properties that CBD provides. 

The market was valued at 2.8 billion in 2020. The 2028 projection is a reflection of the growing interest in the compound by both consumers and business owners. 

Premium CBD’s note: We’re not surprised the CBD industry is stable and not going anywhere. In fact, we expect to see growth for years and years to come. We also expect to see other cannabinoids and cannabis compounds expanding in popularity as their therapeutic benefits come to light. 

We also recognize this means there will be many, many more low-quality CBD products emerging. It just emphasizes our need to verify the quality of products since no overarching force is doing so for us. 

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