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Charlotte’s Web CBD: The Newest Premium CBD Brand

We are so excited to welcome Charlotte’s Web CBD to the Premium CBD database. Pioneers in the industry, Charlotte’s Web boasts amazing, potent products that consumers can feel good about taking. 

The special story of Charlotte’s Web CBD

You may have noticed while looking through our list of Premium CBD brands that many companies start because someone was searching for a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals or relief from conditions. Charlotte’s Web CBD is no exception. 

But their story is much more notable than many other CBD companies out there because it gained worldwide attention and started a movement. 

Let’s rewind a little. 

Charlotte’s Web CBD draws its name from Charlotte Figi, a young American girl who suffered from Dravet syndrome. This condition is a severe form of childhood epilepsy that caused her to have multiple seizures every day. Her first seizure occurred at only three months old and the condition only continued to get catastrophically worse. 

Charlotte continued to suffer from this catastrophic form of epilepsy, having around 300 seizures per week. Because of this condition, she used a wheelchair for mobility and had difficulty speaking. 

Her mother was desperate for something to help find relief for her young daughter. She became curious about CBD oil. She obtained an oil called “Hippie’s Disappointment,” named for its low THC, high CBD content. Immediately, Charlotte experienced a reduction in seizures. 

The results were incredible. Charlotte went from having over 1,000 seizures per month to just one or two. 

Naturally, this success gained a lot of attention. “Hippie’s Disappointment” was renamed “Charlotte’s Web” after Figi’s success, and numerous families began moving to Colorado where they could legally access the plant and try it for their own medical conditions. 

Charlotte’s story made her an important figure in the medical marijuana community. In fact, her story helped to garner support for U.S. medical marijuana legislation and inspired many to change their views on the plant. 

Sadly, Charlotte passed away in 2020 at the young age of 13. She was hospitalized for pneumonia, which led to seizures, respiratory failure, and cardiac arrest.  

While the world misses Charlotte greatly, her legacy will live on forever. After all, she inspired an entire movement. 

The Stanley Brothers and Charlotte’s Web CBD 

The Stanley Brothers are a group of men, who in 2009, were growing marijuana for medical patients. They became increasingly interested in CBD and other cannabinoids outside of THC for medical purposes. 

They spent a long time experimenting and looking for the perfect genetics for medical purposes. And they found them in wild hemp.

The genetics later became the building blocks for Charlotte’s Web CBD, the strain that started it all. The brothers gave their CBD products away through a non-profit, but eventually pivoted to make a business that could reach many more people in need. 

And Charlotte’s Web was born. Named after the little girl whose life was changed by the Stanley Brother’s genetics, this company has continued to carry out their mission every day. 

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You can probably see why we’re so proud to carry Charlotte’s Web CBD in the Premium CBD database. As always, it is tested for purity and potency by an ISO-accredited laboratory. 

Charlotte’s Web is top-of-the-line CBD, and you can shop for it right here

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