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Can I Take CBD While Drinking Alcohol?

It’s a good idea to check the interactions of any new substance you may incorporate into your lifestyle. If you’re starting to use CBD products, you may be wondering, can I take CBD while drinking? We’ll answer that and any other questions you may have about CBD and alcohol. 

The short answer: Likely yes, with some caveats

There is no need to sugarcoat or pretend we have a lot of information about CBD and alcohol. The truth is, like so many other things involved with CBD, we just don’t have enough information to say definitively. 

According to Healthline, the two may work to amplify each other’s effects. Most noticeably, they may make users even more sleepy and sedated than if they took one or the other. Since both alcohol and CBD can have sedative effects, the combination can be ultra sedative. 

For this reason, drinking alcohol and taking CBD products together may not be a good idea. This is especially true if you are particularly sensitive to the effects of alcohol. 

However, the truth is we simply don’t have enough information. We almost linked a study showing high doses of CBD and alcohol cause significant reactions, but the study itself is outdated and uses far higher doses of CBD than most people take. 

We need more research on the subject before we can definitively say if the two are a match made in heaven or a combination to be avoided. 

We have already answered the question: “can I take CBD while drinking alcohol” with a bit of a confusing answer, but now we are going to take it even further. Let’s take a look at the ways CBD and alcohol are suggested to be a beneficial pair, and examine the way the two have been used together in the past. 

CBD and alcohol: The theories

cbd while drinking

Before we dive into these theories about CBD and alcohol, keep in mind what we said above. We do not have enough information about the two substances in conjunction to say whether or not they are safe to take together. 

However, we know very well that alcohol infused with CBD was very trendy not long ago before most establishments serving these combinations were shut down

So what led people to combine CBD and alcohol in the first place?

Potential protection against alcohol’s side effects

As much fun as a night spent drinking can be, the next day is usually not as pleasant. But we’re not talking about taking CBD while drinking alcohol to prevent next-day hangovers. Trust us, CBD is no substitute for hydration. 

What we’re talking about is more along the lines of cell damage and disease. Some theorize that CBD may protect against cell damage caused by alcohol consumption. One study found that CBD protected against fatty liver disease by increasing new cell turnover and promoting tissue regeneration. 

While promising, this was a mice-based study that has yet to be replicated in humans. We can’t say whether or not CBD can protect against any of alcohol’s adverse effects. 

May assist those with alcohol addiction 

Animal studies have shown that CBD may help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. For those trying to quit using alcohol but struggling due to the symptoms of withdrawal, CBD may serve as a tool to get through it.

Again, research is limited. But that’s not to say there is not already a large body of research pointing to the benefits of CBD for addictions. 

In fact, we’ve covered the possibilities of using CBD to quit smoking, noting that the therapeutic compound may be the perfect tool to power through the worst symptoms of withdrawal. 

We’ll need more information to say definitively, but we think there is a good chance CBD can be used to combat many different addictions by easing the withdrawal symptoms.

So…Can I take CBD while drinking? 

The bottom line is that we don’t have enough information to say. There was a time where CBD-infused cocktails and beers were trendy. We know that just because these drinks are prohibited for sale does not mean people out there are not combining the two. 

If you do choose to combine the two, start slowly and do so with caution. Take notice of your body’s reaction. 

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