Green Roads Reviews: CBD Muscle + Joint Relief Cream

Aches? Pains? Muscle tension? We’ve all been through some form of muscle or joint pain. For some of us, it’s short-lived and we can return to our regular activities. Others experience ongoing pain that is chronic and interferes with their quality of life. Regardless of the pain or discomfort you experience, we are excited to share some Green Roads reviews with you. 

Company overview 

We wouldn’t include Green Roads in our CBD database if we didn’t believe in what they do. We love their products as they are tested for purity and potency at ISO-accredited laboratories and are affordable. 

We believe Green Roads is committed to quality and truly helping others. Based in Florida, this company started with a mission to help others. This has not changed over the years. 

This pharmacist-founded company knows what quality is, and they do not stop short of achieving it. With that said, let’s dive into our Green Roads review for this blog: Muscle and Joint Relief Cream

Green Roads Reviews – Muscle and Joint Cream: Effects

This product is formulated for pain relief and therapeutic effects. If you’re applying it to your body, it’s probably because you have muscle or joint pain that could use some relief. 

In our experience, this cream works wonders for pain relief. Within the first 10 minutes of application, you can feel the effects. 

I gave my dad, who suffers from chronic pain, some of this relief cream to try on his inflamed joints. He found that it worked better than the cream recommended from his doctor, and requested more for its quick relief. 

Now, this is not to say that this cream should replace a prescription pain reliever. But in my dad’s case, it was a welcome alternative to the pain relief tactics he had tried already. 

I applied it my sore muscles and found relief quickly, as well. It was subtle, though, and my dad experienced similar subtle results. There was never a sense of overwhelming relief, but rather, we noticed shortly after application that the pain we were previously feeling simply wasn’t there or was much less prevalent. 

In terms of effectiveness, we give this product a solid 4/5. We wish the results would last longer and smaller amounts could be applied for relief, but that’s just not possible with a bottle that only goes up to 350 mg. 

Look and feel 

One thing I really appreciated about this relief cream is that it wasn’t overwhelmingly packed with menthol or other scents. There is some menthol and lavender in this formula, but it does not completely take over the product. It does, however, smell really good.

Whenever I used CBD topicals that are overwhelmingly packed with other scents and relievers, I wonder exactly where the pain relief is coming from. This product does not raise any questions. 

My favorite thing about this product is the design. It’s super easy to apply, since it comes out of a handy pump. It isn’t greasy, either! Nothing is more annoying than generously applying CBD to your skin and then having greasy fingers you have to wash off. 

This product is easy to use with no clean up. Just pump and go. I was initially concerned about how much was in the 350 mg bottle, and assumed I would go through it super quickly. However, I have yet to run out and have been using it on a semi-regular basis for the last month. I’d say that’s a good sign for quantity. 

For look and feel, we give this product a 10/10. Seriously, we love it. 

Final thoughts 

Thanks for checking out one of our Green Roads Reviews! Want to look for other CBD topicals before making a purchase? Check out for all of the best CBD products on the market. 

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