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Can Dogs Take Human CBD Oil?

Here at Premium CBD, we put a lot of emphasis on using CBD for humans and pets. But are the two interchangeable? Can dogs take human CBD oil? On the other hand, can humans take dog CBD? Sure, we might not want to bite into a bacon-flavored dog biscuit, but could we take our dog’s CBD oil if we run out? 

We’ve got answers for you. Whether you’re shopping for pet CBD products or you ran out and want to share your own CBD with your pet, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

The short answer is yes, dogs can take human CBD. BUT… 

Without wasting any time, the answer to the big question is yes. Well, the simplified answer is yes. Dogs can take human CBD oil. 

Compare the ingredients from your CBD tincture for personal use with the CBD products you give your dog. You may notice they have a lot in common. Essentially, CBD is CBD. However, we know at Premium CBD that not all CBD is the same. In fact, there are a lot of products out there we would highly advise you never give your dog. 

The biggest difference between human CBD oil and CBD oil for pets is the dosing and the packaging. The quality of a human and pet CBD product from one company should never be different. CBD brands that do not make human-grade oils for pets are lacking in product quality and consumers should opt for a more reputable option. 

If you have a small pet, the dosing on your human CBD oil is going to be significantly different than what you should give to your pet. If you regularly give CBD to your pet, do some math to find the right amount to give your pet. If you are testing out your human CBD on a pet to see if it benefits your furry friend, start with 5-10 mg for smaller pets and 10-20 mg for larger ones before changing the dose. 

Another difference between human and pet CBD is packaging. You may notice some CBD oils for dogs and other pets come with a handy syringe. This is to make dosing and administering the CBD to your furry friend more convenient. And while the syringe is helpful, it is not necessary if you can figure out the dosing and administering yourself. 

Let’s look at the things to keep in mind when giving human CBD to dogs and other pets. 

Check the lab reports for THC levels 

So, can dogs take human CBD oil? The answer is yes, but it’s not that simple.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when giving CBD to pets is to look at the lab results to verify the THC content. Since very low levels of THC are legal to include in certain CBD products, it is important to check that the CBD product you are giving your pet falls below this number. 

This is where it becomes crucial to choose a reputable CBD company. CBD products are not required to be tested, so without lab results, you won’t know if the product actually contains low enough levels of THC. 

Even if there are lab results, you should make sure they are from an ISO-accredited laboratory. This means the laboratory follows the highest standards for testing and, as such, is going to be more accurate than other laboratories that are not accredited. 

Don’t want to sift through lab reports and confusing data? We’ve done the research for you. All of the products in the Premium CBD database are verified pure and potent from an ISO-accredited laboratory. 
Shop PremiumCBD.com today and rest assured your CBD is safe.

Pure CBD products have no detected levels of pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, or microbial contaminants.
Products must contain between 0-0.3% THC under the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill.
Products should contain high concentrations of CBD and less than 0.3% THC.
CBD is not regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.