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How Do I Choose a Good CBD Company?

Wondering what the best CBD companies on the market are? It can be hard to sift through all of the products online and on shelves. Plus, finding a good CBD company is not always as easy as reading the label and trusting what you see. 

There are many factors that come into play when trying to select a good CBD company to purchase from. Consumers should always work to avoid pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and other contaminants in their CBD. Sometimes there are even higher-than-legal levels of THC in CBD products. Unfortunately, these are common in low quality CBD products because there is no current regulation. 

It’s not all bad news, though. For every CBD product that is not pure or potent, there are several other CBD companies doing it right. That starts with transparency and accountability about their products. 

As CBD consumers ourselves, we know the struggle that finding the best CBD company can entail. It’s why we’re working tirelessly to put together a CBD database of pure and potent products so others can feel confident in their purchases and not spend too much time researching every detail of their product. 

In the meantime, we’ll show you exactly what makes a good CBD company. This way, you can be an empowered consumer that knows how to differentiate between the quality CBD companies and those that are on the gimmicky side. 

So let’s take a look at what makes a good CBD company:

A good CBD company offers laboratory test results 

This is the first sign of a quality CBD company. And you shouldn’t skip over this requirement when choosing a product. 

Think of choosing which CBD company you purchase from as similar to dating. There are red flags to look out for when dating, and there are also deal breakers that you may have that prevent the relationship from working out. 

Not offering laboratory test results should always be a deal breaker. Not just a red flag, but a deal breaker. You should always have access to laboratory results that prove exactly what is in the product. If a CBD company does not offer a Certificate of Analysis about their product, it’s time to try a different company. 

Now, there are some red flags to look for even if CBD companies do offer laboratory test results. The first red flag is if the CBD company tests their products within their own in-house laboratory. 

Why? Because in-house testing leaves the process up to the very people who are making the products. This leaves two issues: 1) The company may not have the correct processes down, which leaves plenty of room for error, and 2) The company has a financial incentive to make their product look good. With no regulation in the industry, there is nothing stopping them from toying with their results to create something more favorable. 

Of course, not every CBD company that tests in-house does so to trick its consumers. But it’s still good practice to not accept products that have been tested in-house because there is just no way to know what went into the process. 

There is also the possibility that a CBD company would send their products to a laboratory that also has financial incentive to manipulate the results. The reason? Because the CBD companies that receive “good” test results from them will keep coming back and paying them. 

It all sounds a little bit scary, right? Don’t worry. There is an easy way to avoid these deal breakers and red flags. All you have to do is only purchase from a CBD company that tests their products at an ISO-accredited laboratory

Laboratories with ISO accreditation have proved that they can conduct their tests in accordance with industry standards. This means the results will be more accurate and should not be biased in favor of the CBD company. 

Good CBD companies are transparent about all parts of the product

Offering lab test results from a reliable, ISO-accredited laboratory is a crucial part of being a good CBD company. But there are some other things to look for as a consumer. 

Along with transparent test results, the company should be transparent about all other aspects of the product. You should have clear access to where the hemp is sourced from and other details. 

Hemp is often used to absorb other toxins from the ground. That highlights just how absorbent the plant is. When deciding what CBD company to purchase from, look into where they source the hemp. If it comes from the United States, there is a better chance that it is compliant with government hemp cultivation regulations. This may increase the chances of the product being free of contaminants. 

If the company does not list where they source their hemp from, you can reach out and ask. If they don’t give you an answer, it’s a good time to run. You don’t want to purchase from a company that refuses to be transparent. 

Which brings us to our next point:

Good CBD companies offer quality customer service

We’re in a place in time where you can reach out to most companies with little effort. Many CBD companies are on Instagram and Twitter, along with other forms of media. They often have an email address and sometimes a phone number to reach out to. 

First of all, if they don’t have any way to contact them, run. It may not be a big deal if they’re not on any social media, but if you also can’t call or send them an email, they are making it way too hard to get in touch. 

Customers should have access to the companies they purchase from. They should be able to reach out and ask where certain ingredients come from or request a copy of lab results. If the company doesn’t provide, move on to one that will. 

The ingredients list should be small and easy to read 

There are some exceptions to this guideline. First, if the product in question is a formula for sleep or other specific purpose, it may contain additional ingredients to achieve this. It’s not always questionable if a CBD product has many ingredients, especially if the product is a specialty product for a specific purpose. 

But if it’s just plain CBD oil or tincture, it should have a simple ingredient list. There may be a carrier oil or essential oils added, but there shouldn’t be much of anything else. If there are many ingredients you are unsure of on the label, it may be worthwhile to reach for a product with a shorter ingredient list. 

You can always reach out to the company for clarification, assuming they have an efficient customer support team. If you can’t get in touch with the CBD company and they have mysterious ingredients on the label, you can rest assured it’s time to move on to a better company. 

The bottom line 

Choosing the right CBD companies for your lifestyle is a personal choice. You may have your own factors to consider along with the ones we’ve laid out here. 

But if the product in question fails to meet simple criteria, like transparency about ingredients, sourcing, and most importantly, laboratory testing, you should consider purchasing from a different CBD company altogether. There are so many on the market to choose from that it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that is doing it right. 

Our CBD database is coming soon and will make the process of shopping for CBD even easier. We compile all of the best companies that test their products for purity and potency from an ISO accredited laboratory. This ensures that CBD users like you can be informed and empowered when selecting a product. 

Pure CBD products have no detected levels of pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, or microbial contaminants.
Products must contain between 0-0.3% THC under the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill.
Products should contain high concentrations of CBD and less than 0.3% THC.
CBD is not regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.